Tumi Ishi Balancing Gems

Tumi Ishi Balancing Gems

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Wooden Balancing Gems.

The art and play of Tumi Ishi....

Is it Art or is it Play?

This is a simple yet creative activity.

Balancing these unique wooden gems, is perfect for improving dexterity through randomness and tactile movements. Play a game with friends and family or have fun alone just balancing the colourful wooden gems into an imaginative tower.

Children can enjoy stacking alone or playing with others.

Elderly, also can enjoy stacking alone or with others whist promoting mental engagement, stimulation and awareness. Maintaining an active mind as the later years progress is really helpful in fighting off degenerative issues. The greater the novelty and challenge the better.

A wonderfully creative game for both young and old, with a different outcome most every time. Creating an original work of art each time, is great for all generations to play with and enjoy.

This game has no instructions, it is all up to your imagination!

Available in Sets of 11, 16 or 21.

Colours may have slight variation. Water based non-toxic paint.

In each box, find Gems of three different sizes. 2 x 1.4 inches, 1.4 x 1 inches, 1.4 x .8 inches.

Suitable for ages 3+ years.

We just love the simple challenge that this gem of an activity provides.

Z and her Mom definitely think so too...
⭐️REPOST @danceswithlonewolves⭐️
"I realised recently, that Z and I have slipped back into bad habits with screen time. It's so tempting to let Z chill out in front of the TV, so I can get stuff done, like cook tea, do some school work or house work. Work has been really busy lately, I still have a whole house to keep on top of and I'm also a lone wolf parent. It's hard- just the two of us, as it's a juggle keeping all my spinning plates in the air.
I've also been struggling with some defiant behaviours that have cropped up- which I think are directly linked to too much screen time.
I'm on the hunt for more activities, like these gems, which are
*easy for Z to use on her own but also a good 2 player game
*easy to clean up!"